Lowland Evergreen Rainforest

The lowland evergreen rainforests, with an elevation of up to 1,300 masl, is the most species-rich forest type and structurally the most complex.

It dominates the landscape from the base of the mountain and is characterized by the abundance of dipterocarp species (e.g. bagtikan, white and red lauan and yakal).

The site is the habitat of some globally threatened animal and plant species. Out of the faunal species observed in this habitat type, 43 species of birds, 11 species of mammals and one species of butterfly are regarded as globally threatened or near threatened.

The Lesser Eagle Owl Mimizuki gurneyi and Black headed Tailorbird Orthotomus nigriceps are some of the species found in this habitat type which are endemic to lowland evergreen rainforests of Mindanao (NORDECO Technical report. Integrating Conservation and Development in Protected Area Management, 1998).

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Eagle's nest at CFR Barangay Kaatu-an, Lantapan, Bukidnon. Video captured by Forester Edgar G. Agbayani.
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