(The Legend of Mt. Kitanglad)

The Kitanglad Range is a very significant landmark in the cultural history of the indigenous peoples of Bukidnon. The mountain range tells us about their genealogy, socio-economic organization, political structure and datuship. According to the legend, the name Kitanglad has been used at a later time. What people knew before was the so-called Lumuluyaw (now called Dulang-dulang), the highest peak in the majestic and mysterious mountain range.

The legend tells us of a great flood that submerged a big part of the earth. The deluge was sent by Magbabaya (God) to cleanse the earth of evildoers who neglected and transgressed the relationship of man, spirits and nature.

Before the flood came, Magbabaya, through his Tumanud and Mulin-ulin (Holy Guardian and Teacher), told a boy prophet named Nabis ha Agbibilin to climb up to the peak of Lumuluyaw to save himself. Just when he reached the top, heavy rains fell into until the earth was flooded.

While the flood was raging the people, brothers Nabis ha Agbibilin, Nabis Lumbo Bulawan and Nabis ha Upak, and their father Nabis ha Panggulo ascended to heaven. Nabis ha Upak chanted the first Sala (cleansing rite), which described the ordeal of the people who were punished for transgressing the will of Magbabaya. It was called Sala ha Gugod (historical chant) during which Apu Agbibilin received holy instructions which would guide him as new seed of the human race.

According to the sacred history, the portion of Lumuluyaw which was not covered by water was only as big as a tanglad plant or lemon grass. As time went by, the second highest peak in the mountain range as well as the whole mountain range itself came to be called Kitanglad in order to immortalize the sacred origin of the indigenous peoples.

~ CPPAP MKRNP Handbook Series Vol. 1
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