1. Biodiversity, life support, and aesthetic values of MKRNP are conserved.

  2. Involvement of local communities in forest protection and observance of sustainable land and resource use practices are sustained and enhanced.

  3. Active participation of local communities and stakeholders in protected area management is sustained.

  4. Protected area management is improved through capacity-building, resource mobilization, functional systems, appropriate policies, and partnerships.

Management Strategies

  1. Improve the existing park protection, zoning, and resource management program, and knowledge on the characteristics, uses and values of biological diversity.

  2. Enhance livelihood support and assistance framework for conservation and economic uplift of beneficiaries in partnership with the local communities.

  3. Sustain and expand biodiversity conservation awareness and information programs to reach out to new potential partners in park management.

  4. Institutionalize and strengthen capacities for effective park management and supervision.
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Eagle's nest at CFR Barangay Kaatu-an, Lantapan, Bukidnon. Video captured by Forester Edgar G. Agbayani.
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