Biodiversity Conservation Activities

Regular Patrolling

Enlisting the services of the community making them as protection officer dubbed as Kitanglad Guard Volunteers (KGVs) due to its limited manpower in ratio with the wide array of areas (47,270 hectares) to be protected and developed. KGVs plays a vital role in minimizing park violations. KGVs also involve in implementing development programs like planting trees. Patterned from the tribe's guardian of the forest called "Alimaong", a group of community volunteers who called themselves as "Kitanglad Guard Volunteers" was operationalized since 1997. The concept was for them to assist in the protection works by providing information/report of any illegal activities taking place in their barangay. The report is held confidential to conceal their identity for security reasons. Their existence has tremendously minimized illegal activities and has effectively monitored park's biodiversity trend.

Regular Implementation of Biodiversity Monitoring System (BMS)

In Mt. Kitanglad, biodiversity monitoring is regularly conducted by the personnel of this office in coordination with the Kitanglad Guard Volunteers every quarter. Likewise, the 28 elected chief of the Kitanglad Guard Volunteers have already included BMS tools and activities as part of their routine, hence included in their monthly monitoring report. The Barangay Chair, who was task to indorse every KGV report, will also have access to the information. The BMS report to the PAMB becomes a routine (quarterly), hence most of the board members become familiar and conscious of the BMS activities and that decision/plan of action to every issue presented need not take too long. To date, the following activities are regularly undertaken and monitored namely; (a) Photograph documentation (5 sites), (b) Focus Group Discussion (17 sites), (c) Transect Walk (22 sites), and (d) Field Diary (28 barangays).

Restoration and Rehabilitation Work
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Eagle's nest at CFR Barangay Kaatu-an, Lantapan, Bukidnon. Video captured by Forester Edgar G. Agbayani.
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